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NEW GriefShare Support Group

We invite you, family, and friends to join us for the next virtual GriefShare Support Group meetings that will begin Sunday, 3 April at 0800 CST in Zoom! Participants can join in the meetings by phone or by accessing the Zoom website. There is no registration fee to attend these meetings. There is a free workbook we would like to offer however, participants must register in order to receive the free workbook  by sending an email message to or by calling 609-707-6566. Sis Bush, Grief Recovery Fellowship Ministry

Zoom Meeting ID: 869 5705 2586 + No Passcode Call: 1-646-558-8656 + ID: 869 5705 2586


Dear Friend,

Grieving the loss of a loved one is not easy. Although it is a deeply intimate experience, navigating the challenges of grieving does not have to be a 100% solitary period in ones life. Traveling the road to grief recovery with others that are on a similar journey can sometimes be comforting and provide opportunities for healing. Montgomery First would like to prayerfully journey with you during your grief situation(s) as a friend and as a resource.

Welcome to GriefShare: We invite you to join us for GriefShare. One of the goals of our Grief Ministry is to facilitate fellowship through virtual small group discussions that allow participants to explore their grief situation(s) while learning about the journey of grief recovery. GriefShare is a virtual 13 weeks video seminar series that features some of the nation's foremost Christian experts on grief and recovery topics as seen from a biblical perspective. The video seminars are combined with small group discussions for sharing and caring. All participants are gently encouraged to share when they are ready. But are not required to share. Simply listening to the videos and discussion is ok. Prayerfully, we believe with time all participants will contribute to the small group discussion. All regular participants are provided a workbook. If you have questions, email
Who Should Attend: Our ministry addresses grief situations from the perspective of 2 Corinthians 1:3-4. We welcome all whom are experiencing grief situation(s). However, this ministry is not therapy or clinical in nature. This seminar is conducted by laypersons. We believe that the grief recovery journey is not subject to a specific time limit. We believe that grief situations occur in varying instances throughout life. Some participants are experiencing multiple grief situations. It is not uncommon for some participants to realize they have unresolved grief that spans a decade or more. However, other participants are experiencing a grief situation that is recent or that is occurring before their loved one has passed due to emergent reasons.

We prayerfully offer the following invitations for you to consider.

1. We invite you to sign up for daily encouragement. You can receive brief messages that offer insight and scripture at

2. We invite you to join us for GriefShare; virtual small group discussions for those grieving on Sunday, mornings at 0800 CST. Go to Then select, join a meeting, and enter the below information.

Zoom Meeting ID: 869 5705 2586 + No Passcode Call: 1-646-558-8656 + ID: 869 5705 2586

3. We invite you to submit prayer requests. We would like to pray for you. Please send your prayer requests to

Cynthia Bush, Grief Ministry Leader Montgomery First SDA
Grief Recovery Fellowship Ministry




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