Children's Sabbath School Lesson

SS Help for ALL sent in by Melanie Cruz:

As many of you already know there is an APP called “Sabbath School 4” There, you can find all of the lessons for each age group from birth to adults and everything in between. There is a teacher’s edition for every lesson, great mission stories, and even videos and podcasts for kids. We encourage you to continue to study in your homes over the next few weeks. If you have any requests or suggestions for how we can best support you all during this time of quarantine please let us know.

You may also find the same lessons for ALL classes on-line through the following site:

Pre-School Sabbath School:

(great videos for kids included)

ElementarySabbathSchool:This is the Sabbath School for children from 1st-4th grade.The teachers of this class would like to change from “My Bible First” to the General Conference promoted curriculum Grace Link Primary lesson. This will be a great opportunity to see how you as a family like the new curriculum. We’d love to have your feedback. (great videos for kids included)

Middle School Sabbath School: The Sabbath School lessons for children from 5th through 8th grade is the Grace Link Junior PowerPoints. Other learning tools include podcast, crossword puzzles etc...

High School/Collegiate Sabbath School: The Sabbath School lessons for our youth is called Cornerstone Connections.

Young Adults: The Sabbath School lessons for young adults is called Inverse Bible Study Guide.

Mom and Dad: And for your own personal study there is also an Adult Bible Study Guide lesson (that I imagine most of you already have access to).

The Sabbath School for children from 0 years to kindergarten is the

Grace Link Beginner’s lesson. In addition, ages 3-4 can use the Grace Link Kindergarten lesson

I’m so grateful that we get to grow as a family whether together or a part. May God bless and keep you safe and healthy.

Blessings! Melanie Cruz, Family Life Pastor