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News Update! Starting April 3, Children Sabbath school classes will meet in-person at church and will begin at 9:50 a.m. immediately following the Superintendent’s program.

CHILDREN’S MINISTRIES  Want to grow the faith of your kids? Visit to explore the wealth of resources for leaders and children, including books, Bible studies, leadership training, music, activities, and many more.

Welcome to Revelation for Kids! Have you ever wondered how to teach your children about the book of Revelation? How do you explain to them the seven churches, the dragon and the beasts, or help them understand the beauty of the Three Angels' Messages? One mom set out on a quest to make revelation easy to understand for children. She's done such a beautiful job that we think adults may find her website helpful as well.   

GSC Children's Ministry, I want to welcome you to the 2021 year and we are focusing on the family this year and the theme is  "The Way".  During this year's NAD training their focus has been on Track 6: Ministering to Families, the new name for this Certification Track. Our parents and children today are facing many challenges and we know that for a fact. That is why we here at the GSC want to make that our main priority. Provide our church and its  families the tools and equipment necessary to help them on "The Way". It is my prayer that our churches and local children ministries leaders work hard this year in reaching our children and providing spiritual experiences whether virtually or if your church has decided to meet in person, that as you do it safely, that our children may have a lasting spiritual impression that they will long for more every day and especially, every Sabbath.  Just wanted to inform you that our Children's Ministries program here in the Gulf States Conference is under construction and we are working hard to make available materials and programs for our local churches.  Among the materials we are locally working on, is an Children Evangelism Material that will have the sermons for the week that either a child, parent, leader or pastor can lead, an activity book for the child with verse of the day, coloring or a daily activity, music and the church can choose to do it in spanish or in english. The title is "My Experience with Jesus" or in spanish, "Mi experiencia con Jesús". Our main goal is to create an environment where the child and the family will be left with wanting a lasting experience with their Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. If you want to have this material please send us an email, and as soon as we have it ready we will contact you to send the materials. We have other ideas and plans but as soon as we have our team set we will begin to share that information with all of you.  You may also find on our Conference website that we now have a section for Children's Ministries We are constantly updating it. You will find links to virtual material that is available as well as a form to request training material. We will be purchasing it soon to be sent to the churches, parents and leaders that requested the material. Parents and local leaders that are interested in learning about children's ministries are welcomed to request the material. Also if you are wanting to form part of our Conference Children's Ministries Advisory board please contact your local pastor he has received in the mail a document for him to recommend your name. At the moment we have only two names that have been submitted. We would like to have a district leader per pastor and we will be choosing 7  Children's Ministries Area Coordinators to supply our churches with training and any new information as it circulates. Also if you are interested in giving VBS this year we are providing the VBS kit to the first 7 English/ 7 Spanish churches who fill out the following jot form  Please note that though the spanish material may say 6 we are really down to 4 or 3 kits available. Deadline for this is March 1 or until inventory is solicited.  Also we are planning to hold a local VBS Training retreat on ZOOM. So look for that soon! Once again we are excited, motivated and working hard in hopes that we may serve our wonderful conference the best way possible.  God bless you. Check out 2-Minute Wonders – Living Machine at

Three Angels for Kids Curriculum: Is Now Available! New biblical resources cater to students from Kindergarten to high school. At 

Cubs Corner - Growing With God

SS Lessons and Helps for Children - For Beginner, Primary and Juniors Primary Treasure Magazines:  / Our Little Friend: OLF is in the same site as Primary Treasure 

Children Stories to Read:

App called “Sabbath School 4” There, you can find all of the lessons for each age group from birth to adults and everything in between. There is a teacher’s edition for every lesson, great mission stories, and even videos and podcasts for kids. We encourage you to continue to study in your homes over the next few weeks. If you have any requests or suggestions for how we can best support you all during this time of quarantine, please let us know.

You may also find  classes on-line through the following site: For My Bible First Curriculm

High School/Collegiate Sabbath School: The Sabbath School lessons for our youth is called Cornerstone Connections.

Guide Magazine:  &


Discovery Mountain:   Online stories and workbooks!


“Our Family Room Story Time” Every Tuesday at 7:30 pm EDT, NAD Children’s Ministry storytime livestream. The 15-minute streams will be on the “Our Family Room” Facebook page. For additional resources check out Family or Children’s Ministries websites. 

Akron  Church Beginner Sabbath School videos:

Official Youtube Channel of One Mustard Seed and website - of Rich Aguilera, the "Mud Guy". Here you can watch Rich videos and adventurers discovering the amazing creation of God and here on his Facebook page.

My Place with Jesus: from It is Written.

 Jesus 101 has free animated videos with accompanying coloring pages just for kids! These new resources will help kids discover Jesus in the Bible, illustrating the stories of the Bible in a fun and instructive manner. Perfect for churches, schools, and families, the complimentary coloring pages are available for children to download and color anywhere! Find these free videos and coloring pages at
Give Kids A Smile Day is February 5! Tell children and their parents about the new website and 24/7 streaming channel, with Christ-centered programs and resources for children. In addition to stories and music, includes Bible study guides for children and youth, a kid’s Bible reading plan, coloring pages, videos, and much more. Check out LifeTalkKids free sharing cardsecards, and stickers.

Days of Praise Podcast: is a podcast based on the Institute for Creation Research quarterly print devotional, Days of Praise. Start your day with devotional readings written by Dr. Henry Morris, Dr. Henry Morris III, and Dr. John Morris to strengthen and encourage you in your Christian faith.